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  • Emily H

    Emily H

    Journalist, content marketer, general hooligan

  • Alberto Cairo

    Alberto Cairo

    I teach visualization at the U. of Miami. Author of “The Truthful Art” and “The Functional Art” http://www.thefunctionalart.com

  • Alexandra Wharton

    Alexandra Wharton

    News junkie, online & mobile video, sleep research

  • Polite Chaos Studio

    Polite Chaos Studio

    Polite Chaos is a Barcelona-based 360º video studio, which focuses on producing immersive video content.

  • Satendar Saroha

    Satendar Saroha

  • Josh Davis

    Josh Davis

    Visual journalist…@vicenews Alum @nytimes @npr @mediastorm...Adjunct professor @JournoDesign @nyu_journalism @columbiajourn @cunyjschool

  • Kim Fox

    Kim Fox

    Radio Journalism Professor at The American University in Cairo/former reporter/host @WOSU

  • Stephanie Frederick

    Stephanie Frederick

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